Differences Between Dual Occupancy Homes And Two Dwelling Homes

dual occupancy homes

The construction of double stories homes have been going on since ages now. There are apartments and other such multiple floored buildings and homes where different families reside. However; we have been introduced with some latest designs of homes lately including the dual occupancy homes in brisbane as well as two dwelling homes. The concept of both of these types of homes are the same which is to provide a separate residency for two different families in the same piece of land but there definitely are some differences between the two about which we are going to discuss in the very article. Moreover; we will also be discussing somewhat about custom home builders.

Difference between dual occupancy and two dwelling homes:

Dual occupancy home is the new concept of designing two separate residencies on a single piece of land. Lets say you already have a house built on a particular piece of land but there still is enough space left to construct another home on it with whole new style and design then such type of homes is known as dual occupancy homes. In short we can say; the construction of two same or different designs or completely separate residencies on a single piece of land can be defined as a dual occupancy home. On the other hand two dwelling home is the kind of a home which is made to provide a separate residency for two different families. However; both of these residencies are separated from one another with one division or wall in between. These types of homes are always designed with the same style and are divided by as single wall.

Custom home Builders:

Builders, as we know are the professional people who design and construct new homes or buildings for their clients. The innovation of custom builders is not limited to new homes only rather they can customised the already built home with their renovation techniques. The whole purpose of these custom built homes is to inculcate in your house things as per your requirements; this customisation can be the customised cabinets or it can be whole new customised home. It is up to the client that whether he wants the design of his house designed by an architect or professional home designers. The job of custom home builder is to ensure that the project is going as per the requirements of the client and the plan is being implemented exactly as the client wanted it to be.


People are coming up with new ideas with the passage of time. One such latest idea introduced is of dual home occupancy which is the great way of utilizing a single piece of land and making two separate residencies on it. Such types of dual homes not only provide more area but also enhance the market value of the land. There are custom home builders in north lakes who can designs dual occupancy homes just as you want them to be “Abbott Builders” provide the best services of builders for the making of dual home occupanc.